Born to Laura and John   ~  7 lbs. 3 ozs

William JonathanI woke up in a really grumpy mood on Thursday. My due date was supposed to be Wed. and I was sure I would not go past. In fact I expected to go two weeks earlier like with my other children but here I was, a day past my due date and mad at everyone! I woke at 5am and couldn’t sleep but not because of contractions. I was restless and my back hurt and so I lay in bed thinking of all reasons it was unfair that I was still pregnant. At 7 I feel back asleep and at 7:30 kids came in. Thank God John got up with them and let me sleep. I slept until about 9:30 and then got my grouchy self out of bed. I moped around and talked to an online friend about the misery of being me .

John had to study for a test so he went to the library after lunch. I nursed Ivy for her nap around 1:00 and then put her down.

I started having contractions while nursing her but that was nothing new. I had been having those for weeks and they would stop about 20 minutes after she was done nursing. This time they didn’t. They were uncomfortable but not painful and they seemed different. They seemed consistent and had a different edge to them. I didn’t dare speak my suspicions out loud! I decided I would just keep busy and started straightening up the house. Dishes, laundry, cleaned bathrooms, stuff like that. At around 3:00 I called John on the cell phone and told him what I was feeling. They were getting more intense. Not unbearable. Not urgent but not something I could ignore. With my last labor only being 90 minutes start to finish I wasn’t sure how fast things might happen. He came home shortly after. I was switching between happy and hopeful and kinda of weepy feeling.

We called Beth (our midwife) and I told her what had been going on. It was about 4 at that time. Told her was having consistent contractions about 5 minutes apart and lasting 45-60 seconds. I assured her that although uncomfortable I didn’t feel urgent and she said that was good, NOT to wait until I felt urgent to call her. She came over and checked me and said I was about 4-5cm.

I felt that I probably was really in labor. She asked if I wanted her to stay or if she should come back later. We decided to have her come back later. No use in sitting around watching me. I made the bed up with a shower curtain under the sheets to protect the mattress and kind of ‘dressed’ my nest. After the bed was all ready I went out to try the birth ball that Beth left and that was really nice! I was having lots of back pain and Beth said the baby was kind of posterior.

Using the birth ball might help move the baby into a more productive position and also relieve the back pain. I draped myself over the birth ball and labored that way for quite a while. I was starting to feel a little restless and tired of leaning over the ball so I got into the tub for a bit but it just wasn’t doing anything for me so I got out and lay on my bed. Right after getting on the bed Beth called to say she was on her way but wanted to stop and get something to eat if that was okay. A few minutes later, about 6pm the contractions took a turn. I was feeling double peaks and things were getting intense. John called and told Beth the news.

When Beth arrived I was on the bed and John was with me. During this whole thing John was absolutely incredible. He never left my side. He talked to me, and rubbed and massaged me.

Reminding me to relax this or that part of my body. Telling me I was doing good. Around 7pm I started feeling like I had to urinate constantly so I decided to stay on the toilet. Between contractions I was still a bit chatty and could laugh and make jokes about the pain but I was starting to get this little nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I could not do this anymore. I started verbalizing the pain during the contractions. I was saying how bad it hurt over and over. I finally crossed the line and had had enough! I cannot do this. I don’t want to. I am done!

Nothing helped the pain. It seemed like it was lasting forever. About this time Ivy had had enough of Michelle and started screaming that she wanted to nurse! I know God was with us at that point. He worked a true miracle. I remember whispering a little prayer that he would take care of Ivy because I couldn’t handle her and the contractions. Right at that moment Lali, the lady that works for John’s grandma showed up to pick up some clothes for the boys so they could spend the night at grandma’s. She took Ivy (who in the past wouldn’t go with Lali) to McDonald’s and they didn’t come back until after that baby was born!

At that point I knew I was in transition and really wanted to get done with the whole thing. The contractions were one after another and never fully went away. I decided I wanted to try the bath again so they started to fill it and I made a mad dash to the bath trying to beat the next contractions. I got in the bath and it didn’t help much but it was a different setting and I did not want to try and move again.

Beth checked me. I was 8 or 9 cm. Then suddenly I felt like something snapped in me and I was in a panic. I felt a sudden urge to push but it hurt. The contractions were very intense. I really had no idea what I was doing, where I was or what was going on. A very weird feeling. I remember saying I was scared at one point and Beth told me it was okay, I could push, baby was almost here. I reached just inside and could feel head. That helped a lot! I made a lot of noise deep down with my pushing but it really helped. It felt some burning but nothing like in my last birth. I didn’t feel that awful urge to have a bowel movement which was a relief because that was a really unnerving feeling for me in my last birth.

I pushed with my hands on baby’s head until I felt a good amount of head and then I think I moved my hands up to the side of the tub for better leverage. It wasn’t long before I felt this intense pressure then this sudden release and a slithery thud and I had a sweet little baby on my tummy. I didn’t need to look to see what baby was cause I had my hand cradling his bottom and I could feel what he was and he also peed on me! John kept saying he wanted to see what we had but I said I already knew. William Jonathan was born in our tiny bathtub at 8:11pm. 7 hours of labor but only 2 of them were really hard. I had no tearing and other than a bruised, puffy feeling I had no real pain down there. Even a few days later my only discomfort is a stiff feeling and some sore muscles in my back and stomach.

William is a doll. He is the sweetest little thing and our older children are in love with him. He is the smallest of all our babies and just seems like such a sweet little peanut. He weighed 7.3 and was 20″ long. He is nursing great and very alert and easy going so far.

It is now 6 weeks later and William is just as sweet and just as mellow! He likes to look around and take things in but only really cries when he is hungry or lonely or has a tummy bubble. When he does cry though he can probably heard down the street! I am convinced that each child gets louder to be heard over the older siblings!