Why Choose CCBC?

Why Choose The Corpus Christi Birth CenterNothing could be more natural than a woman giving birth when she is allowed and empowered to do so without unnecessary interventions. It is our culture that has taught women to fear childbirth, not the experience of birth itself. The truth is that women are designed to grow healthy babies and to give birth. Our instincts and our bodies are perfectly capable of both pregnancy and childbirth.

At the Corpus Christi Birth Center, we respect women and their bodies. We offer the midwifery model of care. Midwives keep birth and pregnancy both safe and natural, without the overuse of routine and often risky interventions. When it comes to natural childbirth, we are considered the experts and the providers of choice.

Certified Professional Midwives are also trained and equipped to handle emergencies. We are able to resuscitate babies (or mothers), we have medication available to stop a postpartum hemorrhage and we can handle many other emergencies. At the Corpus Christi Birth Center, we also have excellent physicians with whom we can consult or refer clients to if it becomes necessary. We are respected in the medical community, and the doctors we consult with respect natural childbirth and the midwifery model of care.

Water Birth Corpus ChristiWe avoid anything that puts a woman at risk of failing to deliver naturally or that will interfere with her ability to bond with or nurse her baby. We only use medical interventions when they are absolutely necessary. But if a need arises, we never hesitate to respond appropriately, even if it means seeking additional medical help when necessary.

Midwives provide professional, personalized and nurturing care. We are also family centered and holistic. We are able to bring you the perfect blend and benefits of both modern science and the skill of an ancient art which empowers women to give birth naturally. Our C-section rates are remarkably lower than most medical providers. In fact, in the Coastal Bend area, if you choose our care, you are less likely to even have a need to go to the hospital than you are to end up with a C-section if you have a planned hospital birth.

Why are our statistics so good? The answer is simple. The use of drugs and other interventions lead to higher C-section rates. Natural childbirth with a trained professional is both safe and effective. We also offer water birth at our facility for those who desire a water birth.

Please call us today. We would love to visit with you more about all your options at the Corpus Christi Birth Center. Let us help you gain confidence in your own abilities to give birth naturally!

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