Seemingly little things can make a world of difference in how much pain is experienced and how it is managed. These “little things” include: being allowed to labor naturally without being tied to a bed and monitor; being allowed to eat or drink; being allowed the security of laboring at her own pace in the privacy of her own environment.

But there are also numerous effective pain-management techniques that can be used during labor that are completely natural, and presents no risk to the mother or the baby. Water birth is one of the more popular methods of coping with labor that is used by the women at CCBC. Water birth is so effective that many have nicknamed it the “aqua-dural.”

Using Water for Pain Management

Even if you prefer not to give birth in the water, it is still effective to use showers and baths as a way of coping with your labor. In addition to water, massage, homeopathy, and relaxation with deep natural breathing can also help. But the greatest power of all is the power of your own will. By being prepared for birth, you will know that pain with a purpose – like the pain of labor – is nothing to fear. The fact is, fear is the single greatest cause of pain during labor. Overcome the fear, and you will be amazed at what you can do. Just remember women have been having babies naturally for millennia. It has only been in the past century that women have been led to believe the lie that they cannot give birth without the use of drugs.

When an athlete runs a marathon, it is hard labor. And pain is involved in running a marathon. But the athlete does not concentrate on the “pain,” nor does (s)he fear it. (S)he learns to cope with it, and still enjoys the process of running as well as the accomplishment of finishing the marathon. Birth can be much like running a marathon. But just like an athlete needs to prepare and condition for a marathon, a woman should prepare and condition for labor. At CCBC we offer free childbirth classes twice a month to prepare the mother for natural labor. Our classes provide a wealth of information about how you can be prepared to give birth naturally and without fear.