Baby will be on time I always thought.  I had an early ultrasound at 11 and a half weeks and those were pretty accurate.  Going off that date our little biscuit was due March 16th, the day before our anniversary. This year’s anniversary gift?  Labor.  Family from all over was flying in a few days before and flying out a few days after, nothing short of risky! We wanted to hold off on knowing the gender so we could be surprised at birth.  I just knew though I was having a boy.weighing our new baby

By the weekend of my due date I still had very few Braxton hicks so I was a little worried but baby felt really low and I’m pretty sure I could tip a ship waddling as bad as I was. I lost my mucus plug 2 days before my due date.  We went and walked at the aquarium on Saturday, two days before my due date, and I made sure to take the steps a lot.

Sunday afternoon, the night before my due date I started getting bh contractions.  They were coming pretty steady by 7:30 in the evening and I welcomed them happily. They were like waves of movement in the right direction and any movement was good! I sat in peace feeling the contractions and enjoyed the friends company I was with.

My sister used some natural oils and pressure points on my feet that supposedly kick start labor.  I had eaten spicy tai food that week too just in case it did the trick!

I woke up that night at 1:30am with pretty good contractions. I knew baby was coming that day. I was so tired though so I was a little bit worried.  I timed them until 3:30 and then called Beth. They were a good minute but only every 13 minutes apart so she said to wait until they were closer together and call her in a half hour.

They still were not close together so I went back to bed and slept thru them until 5. So glad I slept!   I had bloody show when I got up and I could feel I was having progress. I did my hair and makeup,  and I’m not afraid to admit it! I planned a water birth so I could have a quiet and private delivery and Ii wanted a few good pictures, hair included. I went back to bed til 7 am and slept some more.

The contractions were 7 minutes apart when I woke but still regular so Beth said to come in to get checked and she called Kendra (who by the way can sing like no other! ) I told my husband this was the day so he called out of work, we picked up my sister in law who was going to take pictures for us and by 9 am we were driving in with our bags and labor drink!  By that time I had to breathe thru the contractions but I was so happy baby was not late I didn’t think they were so bad!

I was proud that I didn’t have my family drive in for nothing! Phew! Everything was smooth sailing and working out great so we laughed and talked and we’re ready with excitement for the day ahead. Well, biscuits and gravy I was already dilated to an 8!

At 9:15 am I  hopped into the warm bath Beth and Kendra had got ready for me and my husband got settled into the comfy “dad to be” chair next to me.  I tried several positions in the pool but I couldn’t imagine delivering in any of them.

I felt birth was natural and as a women I could do it. Beth’s presence as a professional and a happy positive one,  was comforting and she let us enjoy the moment as a family.  Kendra’s relaxed way about her was fun as she checked the babies heart beat which was steady.

I was enjoying the contractions which felt like nothing almost since we were so relaxed and happy.  I hung my arms over the side of the tub and rested on my knees and that seemed pretty good to me.  I was waiting to follow my body’s lead with what felt natural.  Well, felt like I was just hanging out in the tub with my husband sipping some juice on a Monday.

Then, at 11:30ish I had two really intense contractions. My water broke with the 2nd one and oh my! Our bodies are powerful!!! I would say I forgot to prepare myself mentally for the pushing part but here we were! Biscuit done Baking and this oven had an eject button!

My body was going to make me do it no matter what I said or did. So Beth came in and we started pushing about 12! Having a baby being pushed out is very uncomfortable!  I wanted it to just be over!

Heads out? Well, I just want the whole baby to be out! I felt burning but I just pushed as hard as I could because I just wanted baby to be out! Beth and my husband turned me over on my back to help the rest of baby out. I was mistakenly under the impression that the head was the hard part. .. k …no.  When the baby’s body came out I did not see any blood . (No tearing which was awesome! )

I sat up right away and saw my little purple bumpkin in the water so I scooped down to pick baby up and noticed right away there was nothing between those little legs!  Our biscuit’s a girl! A little purple girl.. right away I was just in awe. I was looking down at a little girl I already knew.

We had spent 9 months together already, eating, talking and sleeping.  I held her on my chest and I kept her warm with the water.  I would go thru all kinds of unmedicated labor just to be able to have this moment right here.

No one took her from me. No one asked me questions. No one stole this moment.  It was natural, the way it should be. And I had a girl!  I was so sure about her being a boy but now I’m so sure that I just don’t have those kind of mama instincts. Not a boy! She was peaceful which I’m sure was because of the water she was born into.

She just held onto me as daddy cut her cord and Beth had me deliver the placenta. My energy lasted me right until the birth but if I had to labor any longer I would have been too exhausted. Not sure when or how all the extra stuff happened,  I just kept looking at my little girl.

Me and my husband just stared at our little gift. I don’t remember anyone there but just the three of us. Our world changed forever.  She slept thru her exam.

I took a shower which was not my favorite shower of all time.  I felt crampy and I was sore but I was so glad it was over and I wasn’t in a hospital! I was alert and able to walk around plus my hair looked good and I was ok with that!  I felt like a woman.  A capable strong mother.

My husband thanked me for choosing the birth center because he got to experience his daughter’s birth the way he will always remember happily. No stress, no confusion,  no doctors in charge,  no stolen moments and no strangers.  He got to bring his baby into the world hands on and fully involved.

A couple hours later we brought in family to shock them with the news..again,  not a boy! We did a gender reveal for them by throwing up blue balloons first then pink ones. We had the birth center to ourselves so it was like inviting family over to our house but I didn’t have to worry about laundry and dishes not being done. That was fun!   Right on time and cute as can be we left the center about five pm. An extra hour to figure out the car seat! Family took off like bandits to rob some racks of little girl clothes and that’s just the beginning of our story. …..

P.B. was 7.2 lbs and 19 inches long
Head full of hair and as peaceful as can be. Thanks to Beth and Kendra for making our experience the way it should always be!