Tour The Birth Center

Tours of the Birth Center are available at our monthly Meet the Midwife Event and by private appointment.

Please call our office at 361.883.2229 to schedule a free consult or to register for the next Meet the Midwife. 

Coming soon: An all new and updated video tour of the birth center! We’re working on it.


The Corpus Christi Birth Center is the only free standing birth center in Corpus Christi, Texas. It is quite charming and we hope to make you feel right at home every time you visit, especially when you give birth with us. Our facility is used primarly for labor and birth and occasional office visits.

Most prenatal visits will be done at our prenatal office in Flour Bluff.

We have a small living area for family members and visitors to wait if you choose. There is a small coffee bar available to them.

When a baby is born in a room at the birth center, the parents get to “graffiti” the door of that room. It’s always fun to read the names and birth announcements on our doors.

Our prenatal office is now located in Flour Bluff near Jumping World.

Prenatal Office

Call us:
(361) 883-2229