hospital birth

One Client’s Previous Hospital Birth Story

The following birth story is shared by one of our clients, Meredith Carpenter, who chose to have her second baby at home after her first one was a planned hospital birth. Be sure to read her other birth story and also why she chose to give birth at home. Here is the introduction she wrote to her writings: Having two children in two years, you could say that my mind has been saturated in pregnancy and childbirth for some time now. I am…

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Home and Hospital

On July 1st of 2004, I gave birth to my first child.  It was a beautiful experience; I was surrounded by family, secure in my own home, and comforted by the wonderful care of my midwife and her apprentices.  My husband’s mother, who still felt somewhat wary of birth after her own experience, found witnessing the birth of my son very healing for her own heart.  My own mother, a nurse for many years, found herself believing that the home…

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