Professional Continuity of Care

Our midwives are Certified Professional Midwives and Texas Licensed Midwives. We provide complete care for low risk women and some with moderate risks. Most patients have no need to see a physician at all during their care. But if the situations calls for a physician, we are often able to consult with and possibly co-manage care along side a physician. An even small number of situations call for a complete transfer of care to a physician. But if a patient does become too high risk to remain under midwifery care, we are able to transfer care promptly, without delay to the appropriate provider. If for any reason, transfer of care must occur after labor has begun, one of your team members may be able to attend your birth at the hospital as a labor support person and most women transferred also return to our care for postpartum follow-up after the birth. (Some restrictions on our staff being allowed to attend may apply due to the pandemic or the nature of an emergency.)

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