Self-Pay Cost of Care

Save 40-60%!We lower the cost for our self-pay patients by offering global fees at discounted rates!

Do you need to pay all your expenses out-of-pocket? Do you have no private insurance or maybe you have a high deductible or poor coverage? If so, we can help. We will gladly work with you to lower your overall cost of care by offering you a reduced package rate based on early payment of a global fee plus a reduced facility fee.

At the first visit, we require $600 to cover the cost of the registration fee and initial care. This first payment is deducted from your total with the balance due according to the terms of your contract.

For the complete care of both mother and baby (prenatal through postpartum) which includes full use of our facility for labor and birth, we offer a reduced package rate to anyone who chooses to use self-pay rather than insurance. This discount saves almost half the full-price cost of care.

Most repeat clients, military and ministry workers will also receive an additional discount if using a self-pay plan. 

*Financial Assistance is also available on an individual needs-based basis.

If you need further help with financing, consider United Medical Credit. Click on the banner below for more information.

Getting the best care is what matters most!

Bottom line? We are committed to helping you get the maternity care you desire. We want families to be able to focus on the joys of pregnancy and birth—not just the finances.

So please call us today if you need to talk more about your specific financial needs. We would love to help!

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