The road to Beth and her apprentices was a long one. This was my second pregnancy and had had a rather unsatisfying pregnancy and birth of my first child. With my first child I saw an obgyn. Midwifery wasn’t big in Las Vegas Nevada. So I had no clue it even existed.

The care I received was brief and she wasn’t really concerned about me just my baby. Her office was always packed and it seemed like she didn’t have time for any “silly” questions.

My daughter Madison was a planned C-section. My obgyn thought it would be best for me and the baby. She didn’t give me specifics, just that she thought the baby maybe too big to fit through my cervix. So a week before she was due I went in and had my C-section. It felt wrong in every way possible.

I thought to myself “ I’m supposed to be able to do this on my own without surgery.”. I felt like there was a missing link between me and her. So when I got pregnant with my second baby I decided I was going to do some research.

I found a couple midwives and found Gentle Beginnings. After reading almost all the stories I decided to give Beth a call and set up an appointment. By the time I met Beth and decided to have her apprentice, Jenn, take care of me under Beth’s supervision, I was 5 months along.

Beth, Jenn and Lisa really cared about me and my baby. They taught me how to eat right and take care of myself. They were very knowledgeable about everything and really helped me understand all the different things that were going on with me and my baby.

We decided that we were going to wait until birth to find out what our baby was but from the very beginning my body was telling me the baby was a boy. It was a long 41 weeks before I finally went into labor. I had tried everything to help induce labor but nothing worked. So I gave up and told myself to be patient and wait the baby would come when s/he was ready.

On Friday the 21st of January in the morning my water was leaking and I was getting contractions every 7- 10 minutes but they weren’t strong. I called Jenn and she said she would check in with me in a Andrewcouple hours. Around eleven she called me to let me know that they would be leaving around 3 to come down. Around 6 my contractions were getting stronger but still 7-10 minutes apart.

Jenn, Beth and Lisa got to the house around 7 and nothing had really changed. So they checked me and gave me some herbs to help with the labor. They went out to eat and came back around 10. My contractions were getting closer together and a little stronger.

At 11 I decided to try and take a nap. It didn’t last long. At around midnight my water fully ruptured and I was in active labor. The contractions were coming hard and fast. But my fiancé was there to help me through it. Things were going really fast and I was throwing up, which Jenn and Beth told me was a good thing. To they checked me at 1am and I had gone from a one and a half to almost 7.

Around 3am I was felling a strong urge to push. Jenn and Beth both checked me and my cervix wasn’t centered and my blood pressure was high and the babies heart rate was up and down. They decided it was best to go to the hospital just to be on the safe side.

The ambulance was cold and the EMT in there with me was not very nice about me trying to have my baby at home after a C-section. We arrived at the hospital at 4ish am. Thank goodness most of the staff was supportive and not judgmental about it. I only pushed 4 or 5 times and our son Andrew was born a healthy 8.5lbs, 21 1/2 inches long at 4:35 am on January 22nd. We are very thankful to have had Beth, Jenn and Lisa as our midwives. They are all one of a kind.