Born to Kassy and Royce Kemp –
Story told by her grandmother, Beth Overton, the midwife who delivered her.
May 6, 1998   ~  7 lbs. 6 ozs

Elizebeth Grace Kemp, 1 day old.


Kassy, my oldest daughter called me to come to Arlington, Tx about three weeks before her due date.  She was having a little bloody show and since her first born, Zachary came 10 days early, I didn’t want to take any chances.  So my youngest daughter, Jessica and I drove the 8 hour drive to Arlington.  

For the next three weeks and a few days Kassy would have contractions almost every evening. Some days we were so sure labor was actually starting.  At one point Royce, Kassy’s husband, said, “It’s probably just a little girl and she wants to get her hair done before she comes out!”  We all tried really hard not to wish for a little girl too much because we would have loved what ever the Lord gave us.  But we couldn’t have been happier His gift was a baby girl!


Kassy finally began labor at about 2am on May the 6th.  She labored really well.  She spent as much time as she could alone with Royce, just as she wanted.  When Kassy was about 5cm and having some really strong contractions, I called in Molly Germash, my preceptor to assist me with the birth.

When it was time to push, we provided a mirror so Kassy could watch.  She pushed so much more effectively when she was either seeing or touching her baby’s head.  She was so in tuned to her child and it was quite beautiful to watch.

Sleeping beauty!After an hour of gentle pushing, Elizebeth arrived beautiful and pink!  I lifted her to her daddy to help me place her on Kassy’s tummy.  Kassy was squealing and crying all at the same time.  She was so happy to hold her baby!  I wanted to know so bad if I had a granddaughter or grandson but I knew the honor of that discovery belonged to the parents.  Molly called out “one minute” for me to check the APGAR.  So I lifted the warm towel we had her covered with just to check her over for breathing, color, heart rate, etc.  She was a perfect 10.  But I still didn’t know what sex she was because she was tummy to tummy with her mother.  I waited another 30 seconds and finally said, “Don’t you want to know what you have?”  My son-in-law politely hushed me but Kassy lifted the baby’s leg to check.  Then she squealed with excitement, “Oh my God! It’s a girl!  I can’t believe it’s a girl!  It’s a girl!”  We all cried.

"PawPaw" meets his new granddaugher!There was a true knot in her cord.  This was a fact we didn’t discover until after her birth.  It had caused no problem at all and we thank the Lord for His protection and her safe arrival.  We were so thankful that she was given a gentle birth and was allowed to deliver on her own time table with no interventions.

Kassy and Elizebeth, 1 day oldRoyce getting to know his beautiful new daugher.Big brother Zachery with his new sister.