Childbirth & Other Classes

For a woman, giving birth is one of the most significant and life changing events she will have in her entire lifetime. The birth of a child can be a beautiful experience for the whole family. In preparation for this big event, it is helpful to take every opportunity to learn. Taking a class, especially with others, can be a great way to prepare mothers and family members for pregnancy, labor, birth and newborn care. One of our classes

At the Corpus Christi Birth Center it is our desire to provide you as much information as possible to minimize your fears and help you make informed decisions whether it is about your pregnancy, your birth, or your newborn. One of the ways we provide such education is through the various classes we offer.

How to take the classes we offer:

We are so excited to be able to offer our classes now by a model of education called the “flipped classroom.”

Childbirth Class

  1. The first step is to join our CCBC Community Network on Mighty Networks. The network can be accessed through your computer or the Mighty Networks app.
  2. Sign up for your class through the CCBC Community Network.
  3. Follow the online study plan at your own pace.
  4. If you desire, you may interact with other on-line students through comments or group discussions while taking your class.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to sign up for a class “Meet-Up” to take your learning experience to the next level. In-person meet ups may be found as “events” after you join the class. These meet-ups are the perfect opportunity to practice techniques learned, share experiences with other students and ask questions you may not have gotten answered.
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