Using a Rebozo to Turn a Posterior Baby

The ideal position for a baby to be born is with his/her head down and his/her back towards the mother’s front (anterior baby). The most common position that needs correcting is when the baby’s back is towards the mother’s back which is called a “posterior baby.” We can sometimes use a Rebozo to turn the baby around. This is a very safe procedure and the mother often says it feels good, too.  

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A Birth Film for Men

The Other Side of the Glass: A Birth Film For and About Men This is a new documentary that looks promising! We just signed up to be a “backer.” Check it out and consider helping them out. Men naturally want to protect their children and wives… as they should! Let’s empower fathers to protect and support during birth, through education. Spread the word! Click here to contribute to this film project!

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beth has numerous qualifications to conduct midwifery

Midwives Rock!

This is a TV commercial we ran for our business a few years ago. Our business name was “Gentle Beginnings” before we opened the birth center. Those are Beth Overton’s grandchildren in the commercial and Jessica is Beth’s daughter. Jessica is also a midwife. She works now for the San Antonio Birth Center because she lives in San Antonio.

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