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Breastfeeding Information

 We have collected some good articles and handouts on breastfeeding. We'd like to share them with you here.  The American Academy of Pediatrics on Breastfeeding This is an excellent article to take with you to the hospital! Read it. Know it. Use it to educate others about the importance of bonding and breastfeeding during the first few hours after delivery. The Breastfeeding Pocket Guide  Fold it and take it with you everywhere.  Coast Bend Breastfeeding Resources This is a list…

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UNICEF – Breastfeeding Crawl Video

  Written by Marshall and Phyllis Klaus    Ever since the exciting observations of the human infant’s ability to crawl to his or her mother’s breast shortly after birth, latch on, and suckle all on its own, mothers and fathers have been entranced by this amazing feat. To think that for many decades both caregivers and parents believed that in order to breastfeed, a baby would not know what to do to feed and was usually pushed onto the breast.…

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