What Do I Ask at an Interview?

Consultation Questions for Prospective Midwives Have you ever wanted to ask someone questions but then suddenly had your mind go completely blank when you finally have the opportunity?  Interviewing a midwife can be like that sometimes.  I’ve had many women come by for a consultation or interview and can’t think of what to ask. So I got busy and compiled as many questions as I could think of that someone might want to ask a midwife. This list comes from…

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History of Midwifery in America

by Beth Overton, © May 23, 1996 revised June 10, 1998 Midwifery is and has been practiced worldwide in all cultures and times. According to The Encyclopaedia Britannica, “The profession of midwife must be one of the oldest, being clearly recognized in the earliest books of the Old Testament and an accepted element in the social structure in ancient Greece and Rome.”1 How true. Biblical references to the practice of midwifery date back nearly four thousand years. It is mentioned…

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Is Home Birth Safe?

(Research Compiled by Larry G. Overton) Read the following statements and decide for yourself. “Most of American obstetric practice in hospitals is not based on science but on myth. What obstetricians do may be the utmost in high-tech, but it is not true science. What you don’t know about modern medicine can hurt you and your baby, perhaps permanently.” [David Stewart, PhD., in the foreword of Janet Tipton’s Is Homebirth for You? 6 Myths About Childbirth Exposed. Big Sandy, TX:…

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Midwife Shadowing Experience

© copyright April, 2008– used with permission Brandy Puskas is a nursing student who spent a day “shadowing” Beth during one of her prenatal days. This was an assignment for her Anatomy and Physiology class and this is the report she turned in. The client’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.   The following is a log of my afternoon spent with Beth Overton, CPM. The name of her practice is “Gentle Beginnings” and her office is located…

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