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Herbal Discoveries in My Own Back Yard

I learned something new about a little herb that grows wild right in my own back yard. What’s really cool is that I learned about it from my apprentice, Kendra Lucero.  Kendra’s mother is an herbalist and so she grew up learning a lot about herbs. Needless to say, I welcome any knowledge she can share with me on this subject because I also love herbs. A few weeks ago Kendra was helping me garden in my back yard. She was pulling weeds when all of a…

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A Lesson in Relaxation

Last night I hosted a childbirth class in my birth center. (Childbirth classes are held twice a month, on Friday evenings.) I didn’t do a lot of advanced preparation for this particular class; I pretty much saved all the work of preparation for the day of the class.   Now, I can procrastinate as well as anybody, but in my defense, I’ve been very busy the last several weeks. For about two months now I’ve been working on opening my…

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How I Got “Blessed”

January 31, 2008 was the day Mara Breigh Wilson was born at home. Mara’s mother Tessi was my client and I had the privilege of delivering Mara, who was Tessi and Joel’s firstborn child. Tessi and her husband, Joel, are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them during Tessi’s pregnancy. Her birth was beautiful. Tessi’s birth story would be a lovely one to tell. But this isn’t a birth…

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