Why A Midwife?

  Among the industrialized nations of the world, the ones with the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates have one thing in common. They all have midwives attending more than 70% of the births. Many of these births are not even done in hospitals, but rather in free standing birthing centers or at home. In view of this fact, British Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt recently called upon the British government to “challenge the assumption that the safest place to give…

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What about epidurals?

  Due to the risks involved, epidurals are not administered at freestanding birth centers such as Corpus Christi Birth Center. The rise in the routine use of epidural medication – anesthesia injected through a catheter threaded through a needle and inserted near the spinal cord – has been linked to the rise in cesarean births throughout the world. Epidurals are often the first intervention in what is sometimes referred to as a “cascade affect,” or the first medical intervention leading to…

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Will I have access to my records and are they secure?

  Yes! At CCBC your medical records are kept digitally in a secure online server, where you will always have immediate access to your medical records by using your own password which you set and no one else knows. All you need is an email address and access to the internet to view your records. We use a midwife based charting system called Private Practice. This service is completely HIPPA compliant in order to protect your privacy. At each visit,…

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