Plan “B” Births (when a transport becomes necessary)

birth stories

My Pregnancy and VBAC Experience

The road to Beth and her apprentices was a long one. This was my second pregnancy and had had a rather unsatisfying pregnancy and birth of my first child. With my first child I saw an obgyn. Midwifery wasn’t big in Las Vegas Nevada. So I had no clue it even existed. The care I received was brief and she wasn’t really concerned about me just my baby. Her office was always packed and it seemed like she didn’t have…

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Home and Hospital

On July 1st of 2004, I gave birth to my first child.  It was a beautiful experience; I was surrounded by family, secure in my own home, and comforted by the wonderful care of my midwife and her apprentices.  My husband’s mother, who still felt somewhat wary of birth after her own experience, found witnessing the birth of my son very healing for her own heart.  My own mother, a nurse for many years, found herself believing that the home…

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