Birth Center Stories

Water Birth Story

Baby will be on time I always thought.  I had an early ultrasound at 11 and a half weeks and those were pretty accurate.  Going off that date our little biscuit was due March 16th, the day before our anniversary. This year’s anniversary gift?  Labor.  Family from all over was flying in a few days before and flying out a few days after, nothing short of risky! We wanted to hold off on knowing the gender so we could be surprised…

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Clay’s Birth

As the one-year mark approaches,  I can’t help but  look back and reminisce.  As you may remember, Clay was born on a hot Saturday evening following a long, mostly boring labor. After arriving at the Birth Center around 6 a.m. at 6cm, I apparently felt so comfortable and relaxed in the Jacuzzi that my contractions came to a grinding halt. That was fine by me (at least at first). I was determined to walk and squat this baby out. By…

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Judah’s Birth Story

When we found out we were expecting #5 I was excited but a little nervous too.  While we love the idea of using a midwife, it had never worked out in the past.  Our first pregnancy was with a set of twins, which came early and required an extended hospital stay.  Our second pregnancy we were so scared after the complications from our first, that we delivered at the hospital.  And the third pregnancy, though we had planned on having…

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