Birth Stories

Clay’s Birth

As the one-year mark approaches,  I can’t help but  look back and reminisce.  As you may remember, Clay was born on a hot Saturday evening following a long, mostly boring labor. After arriving at the Birth Center around 6 a.m. at 6cm, I apparently felt so comfortable and relaxed in the Jacuzzi that my contractions came to a grinding halt. That was fine by me (at least at first). I was determined to walk and squat this baby out. By…

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The story of a new mom who wasn’t

I wanted to share my story of how I came to feeling like a new mom after having five children, yes I did say five. Over the last 12 years I have been pregnant five times. I have four boys and one girl. All my boy’s pregnancy were hospital births attended by an OBGYN. All my boys pregnancy I gained a lot of weight, was huge, they were all big babies. My first son was 8.14, my second was 8.6,…

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Judah’s Birth Story

When we found out we were expecting #5 I was excited but a little nervous too.  While we love the idea of using a midwife, it had never worked out in the past.  Our first pregnancy was with a set of twins, which came early and required an extended hospital stay.  Our second pregnancy we were so scared after the complications from our first, that we delivered at the hospital.  And the third pregnancy, though we had planned on having…

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He's here!

Elias’s Birth Story

Every birth is different. That is a phrase I must have heard about a hundred times while I was pregnant with my baby boy. I thought that since I had gone thru one birth, I should know what to expect with the second. It may be longer or shorter in length but I would be prepared for anything. I could not have been more wrong. My birth with Elias was such a contrast to my first with Alondra. I tried,…

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And Then There Was Five…

We were thrilled as ever to discover we were pregnant for the third time around.  Since our first pregnancy I have grown all the more in my appreciation and love for family and the beauty of raising  children.  This pregnancy was a little different than with my previous ones. It was the first time I had issues with  round ligament pain which stretched down in my pelvis that made walking difficult. I also had a few days of light spotting…

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Rain-drop’s Birth

It was a few months after our daughter, Fiddle turned 1 year that my husband Jeremiah and I became pregnant with our second.  For Fiddle’s birth we had such a wonderful experience at home that any uncertainty we might have had before became non-existent now.  So when both pregnancy tests confirmed that I was having a baby and not some “stomach virus” we gratefully started our baby journey once again.  This time I felt even more prepared since I had…

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The Birth of Jesse Joe

Who knew after what seemed like an intense day of “practice” that I’d actually be having the baby? Certainly not myself. I kept telling myself not to overreact having heard the stories of women going to the hospital a few times and being in false labor. Around 11 pm I started having pretty intense contractions that I couldn’t quite ignore, but I didn’t want to overreact either. We went to bed around midnight and the contractions were still pretty regular.…

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One Client’s Previous Hospital Birth Story

The following birth story is shared by one of our clients, Meredith Carpenter, who chose to have her second baby at home after her first one was a planned hospital birth. Be sure to read her other birth story and also why she chose to give birth at home. Here is the introduction she wrote to her writings: Having two children in two years, you could say that my mind has been saturated in pregnancy and childbirth for some time now. I am…

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birth stories

The Birth of Ivy Sunshine – A VBAC Story

I did it!  She is here and two weeks early to boot!  I was so impatient and miserable and cranky. I wanted this pregnancy to be over and now looking back it seems to have flown by. Here is Ivy’s birth story.  I wrote this hours after her birth while everything was still fresh. I woke up at 3:39 a.m. because I was uncomfortable.  As I was laying there I felt a very strange feeling.  It was like a plop…

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William Jonathan – Born at Home in the Bathtub

Born to Laura and John   ~  7 lbs. 3 ozs I woke up in a really grumpy mood on Thursday. My due date was supposed to be Wed. and I was sure I would not go past. In fact I expected to go two weeks earlier like with my other children but here I was, a day past my due date and mad at everyone! I woke at 5am and couldn’t sleep but not because of contractions. I was restless…

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