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Would you like to meet the midwife to learn more about our services in person? Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation visit Receive a FREE gift just for coming to see us! ph. 361.883.BABY (361.883.2229) Special arrangements may be made for all intitial consultation visits (even in the evening or on a Saturday). We want to allow for both husband and wife to have the opportunity to meet with the midwife when it might not otherwise possible during…

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Considering a Water Birth?

So you are planning a home birth and also water birth. That’s Awesome! Water birth is one of the many options available to you through our services, even if you are planning a home birth. Water birth has always been an option at the Corpus Christi Birth Center. For those of you who choose to birth at the Birth Center, we always have the birth tub ready. For our home birth clients, we are now happy to announce that we…

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